Active PCB

Quick Turn Proto Boards File Setup Checklist:

Your board will be built as-sent with limited design review

Please print this checklist and pass to the person setting up your pcb files.
File Submission: (Files Submitted during or directly after order placement):
[ ] I am sending 1 zip file containing only the required files for fastest processing.
[ ] I understand order will be manufactured when file is received; no changes can be made.

Gerber Layer File Preparation:
[ ] I have previewed my design using Gerber Viewer
[ ] My design requirements fall within the standard guidelines -- see capabilities
[ ] Files are Gerber RS274X (embedded apertures) or RS274D or ODB++ (includes separate aperture list).
[ ] All spaces/traces are a minimum of .003 (3 mil) or larger.
[ ] All outer layers (top and/or bottom) are positive and do not require manual merging.
[ ] All holes have proper pads for through-hole connections from top to bottom layer.
[ ] Power and ground layers have sufficient clearances for all holes, including mounting holes to prevent shorting.
[ ] My board is viewed as looking through from top (component) layer side.

Single Sided - 1 layer Boards: YOU MUST PREVIEW 1- LAYER FILES!
[ ] My board is viewed as looking through from top (component) layer side.
[ ] Right reading copper text is located somewhere on the single side (+ silkscreen if applicable).
[ ] I understand all boards are through-hole plated; We will add copper pads to bare side of 1-sided pcbs.

4-6 layer Quick Turn Files:
[ ] Inner layers are individual layers (either positive or negative) that do not require manual merging.
[ ] Internal ground plane layers have recommended clearance sizes for all holes, including mounting holes.
[ ] Ground and power layers are clearly marked to indicate proper polarity. 

Board Shape Outline located on at least 1 gerber layer
[ ] Board outline is drawn around perimeter only using a non-breaking trace

Drill Setup/Hole Sizes; ASCII text file showing X&Y coordinates for holes
[ ] I have verified NC drill file is NOT a gerber layer or drawing.
[ ] I have reviewed the recommended pads & clearances for preset drill sizes.
[ ] I have a separate tool size list or the tool sizes are listed within the header of my excellon drill file. 

Solder Mask
[ ] I have included both top and bottom solder mask files or indicated on the order form to use common mask for both sides. I have indicated on order form if entire side should be flooded with mask in lieu of a mask layer.
[ ] Solder mask swell should be at least .006 larger than copper surfaces to keep mask off pads.
[ ] I included a top silkscreen file and optional bottom silkscreen file (needed if added to order).
[ ] Silkscreen does not cover soldering surfaces. No clip performed on this service.
[ ] Silkscreen traces are drawn with .007 (7mil) or larger aperture line width (not height) to ensure legibility.