Active PCB

Production Road map

   1. Material Prep- Shear material for job; Panel size, quantity and type of material, log laminate manufacturer and lot # on traveler, not necessary for multi-layers.

   2. N/C Drill- (N/C) Drill panels or multi-layers flat per drill card and job traveler.

   3. Drill Inspect- Inspect drilled panels.

   4. Deburr- Sand panels to remove any burrs.

   5. Desmear/Etchback- (Multi-layers only) Removes epoxy smear caused by drilling from inner layer interconnects, and conditions exposed glass fibers.

   6. Sensitize- Chemically coats drilled hole wall with a conductive palladium deposit.

   7. Clean for Photo- Clean copper before laminating resist

   8. Laminate Plating Resist- Coat panels with plating resist.

   9. Image- Expose image onto panels.

  10. Develop- Chemically develop image.

  11. Image Inspect- Visually inspect imaged panels.

  12. Pattern Plate- Plate copper and tin/lead onto imaged panel.

  13. Strip Resist- Removes plating resist.

  14. Etch Inspect- Visually inspect panels before etch.

  15. Etch- Chemically etch copper from panels.

  16. Oil Fuse- Thermally alloys tin/lead plate for a reflowed solder deposit.

  17. Nickel/Gold Plate- Plate nickel/gold tabs if required

  18. Pre-Mask Inspect- Visual Inspection or AOI

  19. Screen Solder Mask- Screen solder mask on panels. Traveler specifies type of mask, photo imageable or wet mask.

  20. Screen Letter Screen- Screen letter screen on panels. Traveler specifies color of letter screen, white, yellow, or black.

  21. Rout- (N/C) Rout parts to customer's specification.

  22. Bevel/Slot Tabs- Bevel/Slot Tabs per print.

  23. Electrical Test- Electrically test parts (Flying Probe or Bed of Nails Test is done - 100% of boards).

  24. Final Inspection- Inspect 100% for conformity to all customer specifications.

  25. Package and Ship- Ship per customer requirements.