Active PCB

 Company Capabilities include

  • Standard production lead time for small to medium volume is 3 weeks
  • We are capable of doing Layer counts from 1 up to 36 layers
  • Thickness from 0.012" to 0.250"
  • All shipping points are FOB destination (prepaid) standard delivery: UPS and FedEx International Delivery
  • We strive for a Quote turnaround of 24 hours maximum
  • We are a ISO/TS16949:2002 Asian PCB Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing in Taiwan and China
  • Prototype and Quick Turn capability as follows:
  • Double sided boards - 5 days delivered
  • 4 layer board - 6 days delivered
  • 6-8 layer boards - 7 days delivered
  • Above is all Proto qty
  • As complexity increases due to (Material, Blind Vias, Laser drill, etc....  We will be able to help you with obtaining the quickest turn possible by us)

Technical Capabilities include

  • Single sided to 36 layer capability in high and low volume
  • Gold, Silver, Tin, and OSP Finishes
  • Impedance control and high copper weight (up to 5 oz finished)
  • Thin core application and 3 mil trace and space capability
  • .006" drilled and .004" laser
  • .012" PCMCIA to .250" back plane capability

Sales and Support

  • We have technically trained staff around North America
  • Technical and Sales Support at all offices
  • Engineering support in North America