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Other References:

PCB design tutorial made by a designer
Smith Semiconductor free parts search engine for new and obsolete
electronic components.
SMTnet - providing the most efficient and effective two-way exchange between providers and users of the products, services, and information related to electronics manufacturing.

Online Publications:

Circuit Cellar - Practical, hands-on applications and solutions for embedded-control designers, written by engineers for engineers.
Webopedia - the number one online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology. Enter a search term or browse through the categories, and sail the Web!

Recommended Industry Software:

Cadsoft, Eagle Layout Editor - offers user friendly, powerful and affordable solutions for PCB design, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Autorouter.
Circuit World - Circuit World Online Services, the leading provider of information and commercial services to Electronics Manufacturing.
IPC - (Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) - a trade association representing nearly 2200 companies in the electronic interconnection industry worldwide.
OrCAD - the leading supplier of desktop electronic design automation (EDA) software.
P.A.D.S - manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB) design technologies.
Protel - Now Altium - a leading developer of Windows-based electronic design software.


PCB References

Click here to access the IPC Bookstore
Click here to order a copy of "Printed Circuit Board Materials Handbook" by Jawitz
Click here to order a copy of "Printed Circuits Handbook" Coombs

Click here to order a copy of "Complete PCB Design Using or CAD Capture and Layout" by Kraig Mitzner

Controlled Impedance information:

Introduction to Impedance
Freeware PCB track resistance calculator


IPC's Lead Free Website
Surface Mount Technology Association
International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
Toxic Use Reduction Institute
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences


Circuits Assembly Magazine
ESD Association

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